Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yucky days

The last few days Roman and I have been stuck indoors. It has been so gloomy and rainy outside. I've had so many fun plans for us like going to the park, the library (and yes I can do that if it isn't raining but we only had one car the last few days and dear husband had it), go to the pool, and scoping out places for cool photo shoots. But alas...all our plans have been put on hold. So while Roman and I have been stuck indoors I've been taking pictures like crazy and having SO much fun editing them!

Tomorrow Roman and I are going to the library no matter what the weather is like. Roman is really enjoying books now. Yesterday he grabbed a book and came to me with it and had the biggest smile on his face while I read it to him. So cute! He is growing up wayyyy too fast! I'll try to take some pictures of Roman at the library to share with you guys tomorrow.

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