Saturday, July 31, 2010


I haven't posted in a while. Whenever I have free time I'm on the computer editing photos. I am having wayyyy too much fun with it! I'm pretty proud of the work I'm doing now...especially considering that I just started to get serious about all this about a month ago! It is the first hobby that I've really enjoyed. I've tried soooo many other things like scrapbooking, knitting, painting, and baking (and although I love it if I did it all the time I would get fat!). I can't get enough of photography though! I love capturing all those special moments...and who wouldn't when you got the cutest little model in the world :-) One of my friends, Vanessa, is going to come out here sometime next month and model for me. I want to branch out a little bit plus it will be nice to have someone who can sit still for more than a second or two to practice on. And that is what I need....a lot of practice! Yesterday, when I went outside to take pictures of Roman, I didn't look at what the ISO was set at so all my pictures turned out wayyy to bright (yes...don't I sound so intelligent with all this photography talk...pish posh) I still forget that all the settings on the camera need to work together. I guess I'm still in the habit of shooting in auto mode that I forget to check all my settings. But not anymore...well...I'm sure it will happen again...but I'm going to get better! I'm kinda bummed right now because we were all going to go to the park once Roman woke up from his nap to take pictures but now I hear a thunderstorm rolling in. :-( I want to practice practice practice! I could go with Roman tomorrow while Malachi is at work...but it would be easier to have him with me. We will see...but here are a few pictures I took yesterday (with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens!)

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  1. that's a really cute self-portrait. you're doing good.
    i love taking photos, too.