Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh by the way

I'm retarded....

I need someone to teach me how to add photos to my blog. I mean I know how to put the pictures on, but whenever I do, it only lets me place them at the top. I want to be able to put them wherever I want to.

Loud neighbors...

They are sooooo annoying! They sound like they are having a fight upstairs. I wish they would leave. I can't wait till we buy a house! We will def. be buying a house by Nov. of next year. How exciting is that????

I lost 1.8 pounds in two weeks! I'm very happy about that. And that is just from exercising...I couldn't give up all my wonderful sweets and carbs! They are just too good!

R is growing up so fast! He talks all the time now, he tries to sit up, he can fully lift his head when he is on his stomach, he recognizes us now, he grabs things, and eats everything he can get his hands on. He is the best! I love him so much!

Malachi and I get to go on our honeymoon next December. I now that is almost a year away but I am so excited! We are getting everything together now so it def. happens. We are going to go to Disney World for a week. My parents are going to come down and watch R for us. It will be so much fun! I will miss my little boy terribly though!

In other travel month will be busy. We will be going to Niceville for a weekend for a wedding and so Malachi's mom can (hopefully...we still need to call her and ask her) watch R while we go out for Valentine's Day. We will also be going to New Orleans for a weekend of fun. We will be staying with my Aunt and Uncle so I'm excited about them getting to meet R.

Anyways...I'm going to exercise a little and then maybe clean a little and try to pass the time till my husband gets home. Peace out homies!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hellooooooooo South Florida

It is official. Once Malachi graduates with his bachelors (2 1/2 years from now) we will be moving where it is warm all year round! I know I've complained in the past about it not being cold for long enough or that we don't get snow and how I wished we lived up north. What was I thinking??????? It is freezing and it is horrible! I never ever want to go outside and when I am outside I am MISERABLE, my lips and face are always chapped, no matter how I dress in the winter I feel frumpy, and heating our house costs a lot of money. And snow...yes it is beautiful and magical and so much fun to play in. But the only time I've experience snow was when I was little. And all I had to do was play in it. I didn't have to shovel snow or drive in the snow. And then when the snow is gone there is nasty brown slush everywhere. So no more moving up north. We are going to move down south. We are going to run away from the cold. If we want to see snow we will visit our family who live up north. But living up there....I think I would die. So there.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do something for a change

Ever since I got the ok to start exercising again from my ob two and a half months ago, I've been telling myself that I'm going to get serious about losing the baby weight. was all just talk. But for my New Years Resolution I lose 11 pounds. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again. I want my stomach to be flatter and my butt and thighs to get smaller. The bottom half of my body seemed to explode during my pregnancy. So my goal is to be 11 pounds thinner by June. Think I can do it? I sure hope so! I'm doing everything I can so that I can reach my goal. I'm following Dr. Oz's advice to let everyone know I'm losing the now I'm more likely to do it because everyone knows. Plus on (a great website full of moms and mom-to-bes giving and getting advice) I found a weight loss buddy. Everyday we write to each other to encourage and update each other on our progress and if we are keeping up with our exercise programs and diets. And so far I seem to be doing well. I get myself up every morning to either get on the treadmill or do WiiFit. Malachi also got me Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, which I'm going to start tomorrow. So wish me luck on this great adventure and pray that I stick to it!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good-bye 2009, Hello 2010

*Here is to 2009*

January: Found out we were preggers!
February: Spent most of this month on the couch from morning sickness
March: Malachi turned 21 and we had a barbecue at our place
April: Found out we were having a BOY
May: Malachi graduated with his AS and got his first big boy job and Fort Walton Beach Medical Center
June: Celebrated my 21st birthday, Celebrated out 1 year anniversary, and finished my job at Rocky Bayou Christian School
July: Parents moved away
August: Had my baby shower and got R's room completely finished
September: RYM entered the world
October: R was baptized, my mom came to visit, and Malachi started his new job at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola
November: We moved to Pensacola and I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal
December: R and I flew (by ourselves) to visit my parents in NC and we celebrated R's first Christmas

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years! I'm excited about everything 2010 will bring!