Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm a big kid now!

Our first Thanksgiving was a great success! I was slightly nervous because I've heard of so many young wives cooking their first turkey and burning or ruining it one way or another. But everything was perfect and delicious! I started cooking Friday evening and didn't finish till we ate at 6:30 on Saturday! I never once thought of being in the kitchen cooking as a chore. I loved every second of it. There is something so fulfilling about cooking all that food and then seeing people enjoying it so much. Malachi's dad came and ate with us which was really nice. He told me it was the best Thanksgiving meal he had ever had and Malachi is still talking about how good the food was! So it was the best Thanksgiving ever! But everything I experience with Malachi and now little R is the best ever!

On a sadder note, my little R is sick. He has a bad cold so his nose is all running and stuffed up. The poor guy is miserable. He can only sleep for an hour or two before he gets uncomfortable. So last night was a bit rough for us and I have a feeling tonight will be the same. I hate to see him like this. I would rather be sick than see him sick! Same with when Malachi gets sick...I hate it. It is the one thing I can't fix. So hopefully R will heal quickly!

Tomorrow our pastor's wife is coming over to bake with me. I'm really excited! I really like Melinda and I love to bake so it should be a great evening!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm really craving some cupcakes! I think I'm going to make some!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Thanksgiving after all!

Well, first we were going to have a small Thanksgiving feast for our family, then we were going to have a huge Thanksgiving feast for our family and Malachi's family, then that plan was canceled and we were going to meet up with Malachi's family at Waffle House for Thanksgiving (they wanted to stay into town since Malachi's grandfather was dying and eating at Waffle House was a bit of a tradition for them), then Malachi's grandfather died and Thanksgiving was canceled all together. Which I was bummed about. I love Thanksgiving. From Thanksgiving to New Years is my favorite time of year. I love the atmosphere. When I think of the holidays I think of family, love, warmth, and good food. So not having Thanksgiving was hard for me to swallow. Well, thanks to our bff JoJo...Thanksgiving is back on! She gave us a free turkey and how can you not have a Thanksgiving feast when you have a huge turkey sitting in your freezer! We are still kinda of bending the rules a little bit and having our Thanksgiving on Saturday since Malachi has to work tomorrow. But Thanksgiving on Saturday is better than no Thanksgiving at all! I'm so excited! This is the first Thanksgiving meal I am making all by myself. Last year Malachi and I had Thanksgiving at my parents house, so this time it is all on me and I'm so excited! I'm going to make a huge feast (too much food for two people so we are going to try and find someone to come over and help us eat all that food...but if not Malachi and I will just get fat off of all of it!).
Here is our meal plan for Saturday:
Roasted Turkey with Maple Cranberry Glaze
Sausage, Dried Cranberry, and Apple Stuffing
Green Beans
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
and my favorite Apple Pie!

Hopefully it will all turn out to be delicious! I'll post pictures and let you know how our feast turns out on Saturday!
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm a follower

I have now officially joined the blogging crowd. The whole time I was thinking about making a blog, I thought about all the things I could write about and I had so much to say. And now that I'm sitting here in front of the computer I have nothing. But today was also an uneventful day. I woke up and spent the whole morning with my wonderful husband and son, went running, cooked lunch (which by the way was really good!), sent my husband to work, played with my son, watched a whole bunch of Law and Orders, and am now starting my blog. Setting this bugger up was super hard. I wanted to make it pretty so I spent a whole bunch of time on that. So I hope you appreciate how pretty my blog is! :-)
So tonight I don't have much to say...but I'm also super tired so my brain is dead. Hopefully tomorrow I will be refreshed and ready to really start this whole blogging phenomenon.