Monday, February 22, 2010

Jillian Michaels must die!!!!

I just finished working out for the second time today (because this morning I only got 1/3 of the way done with my video workout because I almost blacked out) and I am sweating like a pig. Attractive? Yes. But I will be even more attractive one bathing suit season gets here...which is right around the corner. Which is why I should be eating healthier alone with working out. So that is what I am doing...starting tomorrow. Today I cheated...a lot. But Marble Slab ice cream is so you understand why I couldn't resist.
I have the cutest baby in the whole wide world!Don't even try to deny it! He turned 5 months old yesterday! I can't believe it has almost been a half of a year since he was born! Time is going by so fast! He is so grown up now! He is gotten to the point where he tries to copy us. Like when we were in Walmart today I was making raspberries to him and then he would do it back at me...then we would giggle and start all over again. I probably looked like an idiot walking around with my butt sticking out because my face was close to R's face making raspberry noises all through Walmart. But I do not care because I was making my baby happy and that is all that matters!
One thing I love about having R with me when I go shopping is that I get to talk all the time! All of you who know me well know that I loooove to talk...a lot. So being able to talk to my little guy whenever we are walking around makes me very happy. And R is such a good listener.
Well...I need to go rinse off and then get ready for bed. I have become such an old fogie now...I go to bed so early! :-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good thing I can spell potatoes right

I'm starting to really get organized and get my life in order. Before I was spending wayyyyy too much time on the computer and now I'm limiting myself to about 30 minutes a day. Some days I do better than others, but anything is better than how long I used to be on.
My house is getting organized too. My new routine is to deep clean one room a day and then just tidy up as I go along. My house is clean and is staying clean!
I'm exercising more and eating healthier. I've lost about 4 pounds and I've lost a pant size! Wahoo! I just need to lose 7 more pounds and one more pant size and I will be super happy!
We did our taxes (finally! We had to wait till I got my W2 from Rocky which took FOREVER!) and we are getting a ton back. We are taking some out for fun money but putting the rest in savings.
We are no longer looking into buying a house. Long story. But this is better. We will start thinking about it again in the next year or too.
Need to go fold laundry and watch some Project Runway!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Couch poetatoes

So, we are trying to build up our movie collection for R. There are so many good children movies out there that I want him to be able to see. We are starting with Pixar and then we will move on to other ones. So far we only have Ratatouille and I think we are going to get Monster's Inc this month. Here are few others we want to get.
What are some of your favorite movies from when you were a kid? Which movies do you think we need to have in our collection for R???

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What to do with my free time

Now that R has a defined schedule, I have a lot more time to myself. And lately all I've been doing is just sitting down in front of the computer and watching tv-shows for hours or getting on facebook far more often than I should. I need some hobbies. I have a scrapbook set that I was given for my bridal shower (almost two years ago) that has just been sitting in my closet all this time. I used to scrapbook a lot. My grandmother is a professional scrapbooker and she helped me get started about seven years ago. I kept up with it for a while but then just stopped, and I'm not sure why. But since I have the supplies I think I'm going to start up again. I'm going to take out that scrapbook and create a book full of pictures from our wedding. If I really enjoy that maybe I'll continue with it and create a scrapbook dedicated to R and then one of our summer and then one of our winter and then one of our honeymoon and so on and so forth. But I want to come up with some other hobbies. I'm thinking about baking more, BUT only when I can take the goodies somewhere else. If they sat in my house I would eat them all. No joke. I want to start making cakes. My very old friend, Chara Nelson, has started her own cake business (Sweet Contemporary...check it out her blog and she has really inspired me. Not that I'm going to create my own business or anything (I'm no where near that organized or creative to do that!) but I do want to create some cakes. So that I can make amazing cakes for all my kids birthdays and for other occasions. I'm sure that will take up a lot of my free time. What do you guys do for hobbies????

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm going to ship him off to Neverland

I never ever want R to grow up! We have so many special moments that I will miss so much when he grows up. Right now he loves me and needs me so much. One day he will hate me and wish I wasn't there to bug him or tell him what to do. I will cry the day he is mean to me or doesn't want me around or won't talk to me. Why does he have to grow up? When he is older he won't want to lay on the floor and play for hours on end with me. He won't smile anytime I look at him. He won't giggle when I shower him with kisses...he probably won't let me shower him with kisses at all. He won't cry for me when I'm not around. He won't want to be breastfed anymore (which is a good thing...I'd be worried if my 16 year old son would want to still be breastfed....15 is still ok...but not 16!) He won't want to be carried everywhere...and as much as my back hates it...I love carrying him everywhere I go. He won't need me to be with him or in the same room with him to be happy. He just won't need me the way he needs me now and that breaks my heart. And I know I will love watching him grow up and every stage will be special but I love being needed and wanted. And I know R will need me most of his life...but there will be times that he won't want me. So we are off to Neverland where we will never get older and he and I can live happily ever after!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh boy! Oh boy!

So much is happening in the Mosley household it is not even funny!

First off...Malachi and I are in the beginning process of buying a house. Yes...a house. We will be homeowner! Crazy crazy!!!! Having a family and living in an apartment is just not the best idea in the world. And we have no privacy, no backyard, and we can hear every move our neighbors make. Plus this the ideal time to buy a house, especially since we are first time home buyers. The house we are looking at is so cute. It is little, but we don't need anything big. It is a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, brick house with a huge backyard. Perfect for a growing little boy to fun around in! I can totally see us living in this house for the next 5 or more years.

Sadly we are having to postpone our trip to New Orleans till a later time because we need to save as much money as we can. But we are still going to Niceville and I still get my Valentine's Day extravaganza. Malachi is taking me to the Melting Pot while Malachi's mom watches R. It will be our first real date since R's been born! I'm very excited to spend a romantic evening out with my love!

We joined our new church, Providence, yesterday. I am so happy we found this place. It really feels like home and we are surrounded by family there. We have met some really wonderful people there. I can't wait to get to know them all better. During the service yesterday, before we became members, I was quite a distraction. I was worried they would change their minds about us becoming members (not really). But first I accidentally made one of R's toys go off. And it played a full, fun-filled song during communion. It was beautiful. It was one of those times that you really don't want to laugh, and since you are trying not to laugh you laugh even harder. But not only did that happen, R was sleeping in his car seat at my feet and I was closing our hymnal after singing and I dropped the book right on him. I was shocked he didn't wake up, but everyone turned around to look at us. Again Malachi and I couldn't stop laughing because we were trying so hard not to. But even with all the disruptions we became members and we couldn't be happier.

We have started a new bedtime routine with R called Sleep Sense. It is a wonderful program and I wish I would have known about it before R was born so I wouldn't have let R develop so many bad habits. R doesn't like it so much but he is getting more sleep than he has ever gotten before. With this program we are teaching him to fall asleep by himself. Before he always needed to be swaddled and nursed to fall asleep. Now I put him in his crib while he is still awake to train him that he doesn't need me to fall asleep. So far it has been working out well. We still aren't perfect at it, but it is getting better.

R is growing up so fast! He is a pro at rolling over now. Anytime I put him on his back, he will roll onto his stomach. He is starting to like being on his tummy now. Before when I would put him on his stomach for tummy time he would scream and scream. But not that he is in control of when he has his tummy time he likes it much better. I feel so honored to watch this wonderful little boy grow up. I'm going to be there for all his firsts and watch him grow up to be a young man. I know he will be able to accomplish anything he puts his mind to! I love him so much!!!!!

Well, now that I have written a novel I need to go wake my little boy from his nap :-)