Friday, February 12, 2010

Couch poetatoes

So, we are trying to build up our movie collection for R. There are so many good children movies out there that I want him to be able to see. We are starting with Pixar and then we will move on to other ones. So far we only have Ratatouille and I think we are going to get Monster's Inc this month. Here are few others we want to get.
What are some of your favorite movies from when you were a kid? Which movies do you think we need to have in our collection for R???


  1. Up?! You wanna make the kid depressed?!?! jk :)

    Lilo and Stitch, The Incredibles... and of course The Lion King so you guys can sing along together! When he's older, you gotta work The Sandlot, Matilda and Homeward Bound in there!

  2. Some of the movies we saw as kids were Killer Clowns in Outer Space, Event Horizon, Labyrinth (which may leave him feeling confused about his sexuality like it did Timmy), Jurassic Park, and The Island of Dr Moreau. Also, The Phantom and a bunch of Val Kilmer movies. Don't show him any of those movies, actually. I don't know what our parents were thinking. On second thought, I'm pretty sure it was just my dad. Just... Just keep him away from our dad...
    Matilda was an awesome movie.