Monday, January 11, 2010

Hellooooooooo South Florida

It is official. Once Malachi graduates with his bachelors (2 1/2 years from now) we will be moving where it is warm all year round! I know I've complained in the past about it not being cold for long enough or that we don't get snow and how I wished we lived up north. What was I thinking??????? It is freezing and it is horrible! I never ever want to go outside and when I am outside I am MISERABLE, my lips and face are always chapped, no matter how I dress in the winter I feel frumpy, and heating our house costs a lot of money. And snow...yes it is beautiful and magical and so much fun to play in. But the only time I've experience snow was when I was little. And all I had to do was play in it. I didn't have to shovel snow or drive in the snow. And then when the snow is gone there is nasty brown slush everywhere. So no more moving up north. We are going to move down south. We are going to run away from the cold. If we want to see snow we will visit our family who live up north. But living up there....I think I would die. So there.


  1. how much more south are you planning on going? NC doesn't get snow, and it's a really great place to live...and it's considered south!

  2. We are thinking of moving farther south than we are now.

  3. And I hate the cold... a lot :-)