Monday, January 18, 2010

Loud neighbors...

They are sooooo annoying! They sound like they are having a fight upstairs. I wish they would leave. I can't wait till we buy a house! We will def. be buying a house by Nov. of next year. How exciting is that????

I lost 1.8 pounds in two weeks! I'm very happy about that. And that is just from exercising...I couldn't give up all my wonderful sweets and carbs! They are just too good!

R is growing up so fast! He talks all the time now, he tries to sit up, he can fully lift his head when he is on his stomach, he recognizes us now, he grabs things, and eats everything he can get his hands on. He is the best! I love him so much!

Malachi and I get to go on our honeymoon next December. I now that is almost a year away but I am so excited! We are getting everything together now so it def. happens. We are going to go to Disney World for a week. My parents are going to come down and watch R for us. It will be so much fun! I will miss my little boy terribly though!

In other travel month will be busy. We will be going to Niceville for a weekend for a wedding and so Malachi's mom can (hopefully...we still need to call her and ask her) watch R while we go out for Valentine's Day. We will also be going to New Orleans for a weekend of fun. We will be staying with my Aunt and Uncle so I'm excited about them getting to meet R.

Anyways...I'm going to exercise a little and then maybe clean a little and try to pass the time till my husband gets home. Peace out homies!

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