Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A day in the life of the Mosley's

We had a wonderful day today! I woke up to Roman wailing like everyday, but today when I went to go get them he was standing in his crib. It was so cute! He has been standing up like crazy for the past two weeks but it is still just as cute! And shocking! I remember him as my little newborn would just lay there for hours on end! And now he is crawling (yes...he has moved on from scooting everywhere to crawling everywhere!) and pulling up on everything! Bath time is interesting....he just stands up and then I sit him down, he stands up and then I sit him down and that cycle goes on the whole time! Well anyways...back to our day...after we all rolled out of bed we went to the gym. Roman went to the nursery and Malachi and I pumped some iron! After the gym we all hopped in the pool. The pool was perfect! The last few times we had been the pool was warm but today it was cool as so refreshing! Lunch was perfect today! We had leftover pork milanese so I paired the leftovers with pasta covered in a lemon thyme butter sauce. It was pure perfection! Yum! Writing about it makes me want some more!

After lunch Roman was playing around and as he was pulling up on a box...hmmm Roman...not the best idea in the world...he fell. It was so sad! The edge of the box hit him in the eye so now he has a nice little shiner!

Once Malachi went to work and Roman woke up from his afternoon nap Roman and I drove to the library to get him some books and get me some photography books.

Took this picture at a red light...I promise I'm stopped and not driving.

We didn't stay at the library for too long. Roman liked it for about five minutes and then he was so over it! He wanted to be our of his stroller and crawl around on the floor. We got him three books, one of which was Goodnight Moon. We read that before he went bed. I love reading to him...especially now that he is enjoying it as well!
So all in all, it was a wonderful day!

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  1. I love love loooove the picture of you driving. The colors look so cool!