Friday, July 16, 2010


As I go throughout my day I always think of tons of ideas to blog about, but when I actually come and sit in front of the computer my mind goes blank!
I wish it wasn't so stinking hot outside! I've really gotten into photography and photoshop and I want to go outside with Roman and have some mini photo shoots. But first we live in an apartment so I can't just go in the backyard because there isn't a backyard...I have to hop in the car and go somewhere. Plus I only know of one park so far here in Pensacola that we can go to that is about 15 minutes away. So it becomes a huge it is we would only spend like 30 minutes out there because we would be miserable! I wish isn't wasn't so hot! Oh Florida...I'm actually excited about moving up north in a few years. It will be a good change!
I went through my wardrobe this week and got rid of tons of my old stuff! I got rid of things that don't fit anymore and things that aren't me. I have so many clothes that I have out of convenience and then whenever I wear them I don't feel like myself. So I got rid of those and everything that has holes or stains in them. So now I have NO winter clothes. I'm going to need to save up all my clothing money for the next few months so I can be warm this winter!
Roman stood up on his own yesterday! Totally blew my mind! He is growing up way too fast! The next thing is walking! I'm not ready for that!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh today we were watching AFV while we were eating dinner (oh yes...I get bad mother of the year! We NEVER do that but today we did...please don't judge me!) and only clip came on where a little girl had drawn all over here face and Roman started to crack up! It was the cutest thing! I love to hear him laugh.
Well...on that are two pictures I edited today. I took these two in RAW format (which I will be doing from now on. My husband even bought me a bigger memory card so I don't have to worry about how many pictures I'm taking!)

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  1. That's awesome. i only take photos in RAW, too. You need to come back to BG :( we have a photography thread you'd learn a lot from!