Saturday, December 19, 2009

I love weekends

I love having my husband home all day! We can spend so much more time together! Today we were able to do so much since he didn't have to run off to work at 3. We spent the morning just relaxing and enjoying our baby boy. Around noon we headed off to the mall to give each other some ideas for Christmas. And, boy, was the mall a mess. I guess everyone had the same idea that we did! And we both have to go back to shop for each other...since we couldn't buy anything for each other since we were together. Just thinking about it makes me tired. After that we went to Chili's for a 'stupid date' as Malachi would call it. He called it that since Chili's is such a cliche place for families to go the food is very cliche. But they had a $20 special for two people so why not. R was really good at the restaurant. He played and he smiled and then he ate. After he ate Malachi took him so I could eat. Once I was finished eating and was waiting for the waitress to bring me a to-go box Malachi handed R back to me. As he was on his way over to me he spit up. And not only did tons of spit up gush out of his landed right on my plate. Malachi and I couldn't help but to start laughing. So I didn't need that to-go box after all! Once we completely finished out meal we came home and watched some Lost and 30 Rock. R fell asleep at 7 because he had such a big day and didn't get his full afternoon nap. I'm just worried he is going to wake up super early tomorrow. But that was our day today. And tomorrow we have another wonderful day planned. We are going to church in the morning that then in the afternoon we are just going to hang out around the house and get things done, and then in the evening we are going to a wine tasting with our church. I'm not excited about the wine (since I can't stand the taste of it) but there will be good company and good food (and if there is good food I will always have a good time!) And then our weekend will be over and Malachi will have to go back to work *sigh* But then I will have Christmas and next weekend to look forward to!

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