Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can't think of a title

Ahhhh...I love this time of year. Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree as we sipped on some warm apple cider, listening to Christmas carols. What a wonderful day it was!

Today was a rough day in the Mosley household. It is hard when everyone is tired from not getting enough sleep and not feeling well. Malachi and I are getting sick now as well. Well...Malachi has been sick for the past two months, the poor guy. But he went to the doctor while he was at work (perks of working in a hospital!) and has been given antibiotics, so hopefully now he will get better! Little is working on getting over his cold. All his junk is now in his chest, so now he has a rough little cough. But, at least I know he is on the mend. And guess who now has a stuffy nose. Yes...yours truly. I just hope I can get whatever I'm getting out of my system by the 8th because that is when R and I fly up to NC to see my family. That would be miserable if I was sick during that time! I just can't wait for our whole family to be healthy and well again!

Tonight I did have a wonderful time with our pastor's wife, Melinda. She came over and we baked many wonderful goodies! I think we may have talked a little more than we baked...but it was great fun! I'm so happy I'm starting to make friends here in P-cola. I was worried I would never meet people...but here I am...a big girl making friends!

Tomorrow we have no big plans. I think we should all stay in our pjs and spend the whole day in bed so we can all get better! Mmmmm...bed! I'm off to get whatever sleep I can before my little guy wakes up!

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