Thursday, July 7, 2011

In six months time...

It has been six months since I have updated my blog. I haven't even thought about it in these past six months, but today I had the sudden urge to just sit down and write. I don't even know what about. Life I guess.
Our lives have changed so much in the past six months. The last time I updated I mentioned that we moved back to our home town. My husband found a great job that worked better for our family and for his school. He now works as a CT tech on the midnight shift at the hospital five minutes from our house. Sure, it can be straining working that shift, but we get evenings with him and it gives him plenty of time to work on his B.S.

We are officially moved into the new house (new furniture and all...wahoo!) but we are having to make some major changes in the house! Right now we are redecorating our third bedroom to become Roman's new 'big boy' room, and once he is out of the room he is in now we are start decorating for the new addition to our family! That is right! We are expecting our second baby, who is due November 3rd. And instead of blue this time we are all pink! We are very excited about little girl coming into the world (me more than anyone because that means I won't be pregnant anymore...but that is a story for another time)! Roman says baby and will point to my belly and say 'bayee' but then he will turn around and point to his belly and say 'bayee' as well. So I think it is safe to say he isn't quite sure what is coming his way in a few months!

The one thing about having a little girl is that we are starting from scratch. Sure I bought all the big things like the crib, the changing table, the car seat, the stroller, and a few other things to work for both genders, but there is so much I still need for my little girl. She needs clothes, blankets, bedding, a swing, and a few other things that are going to make money a little tight around here, but of course it will all be worth it!

Roman has grown up so much in the past six months...everyday he is turning more into a big boy than my little baby. I keep throwing hissy fits about it but it doesn't change anything. He is going to keep getting bigger no matter what I do. And he loves being a big boy too. He has to do things all by himself and loves to help his mommy do everything, and the whole time he is talking as well. He talks and he talks and he talks. I can understand a little of what he says here and there, but most the time I just go with it! He must get talking all the time from me! My poor husband gets his ear talked off all the time.

But even with Roman growing up he is still a momma's boy and still loves his snuggles, which of course I love. He also loves his Daddy. There is no one who can make Roman laugh more than his Daddy. 'Dayeee' is his all time favorite word. When Malachi is sleeping during the day I can't mention the 'D' word or Roman will get super excited and start running towards our bedroom door to wake him up. I love watching them together...they are two peas in a pod! If Roman didn't have my eyes, my build, and my coloring I would swear I hardly contributed at all to his DNA!

But I have to say that our lives are pretty wonderful! I love my little family and I have set a goal to blog at least once a week from now on to keep everyone updated on our little family adventures, so hopefully I can be better at keeping this blog updated! Wish me luck!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Hey chica...I am so excited about your new addition. And I'm glad that you updated your blog so I can stalk you a bit! : )