Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the go

It is official...our lives are SO over! Roman is now on the go! He is not crawling quite yet, but he is army crawling. But being Roman and having to be different he only uses one arm to pull himself along. It is the cutest thing to watch him scoot around. And of course he is always trying to get into things he shouldn't be into. We are slowly baby proofing everything but it is hard! I can't put everything up so we are just going to have to keep an eye on him till he learns he can't touch certain things. But before you have a heart attack, everything dangerous is up where he can't reach him. He is perfecting the one arm army crawl and is getting pretty fast. I'll post a video sometime soon.
Today when I put Roman down for his nap I swear he gained a pound or so while he was sleeping! I felt thicker when I picked him up! It is crazy! Is it even possible for him to gain weight that fast? I'm going to weighing him on the 21st when he turns 8 months. When he turned 7 months Roman weighed 17 lbs. 3 we shall see how much he has gained in a month.

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