Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby # 2

Nope...I'm not pregnant. But Malachi and I have been talking a lot about baby # 2 lately. Right after Roman was born I told Malachi that I couldn't imagine ever having another baby. Because, how could I ever love another baby as much as I love Roman? Well I talked to a lot of moms or 2 or more and they said they all felt the same way...till they had baby # 2. They all said that your heart expands and you love baby # 2 just as much as the first one. So that made me feel better and finally gave into the idea of having another child. Which is a good thing since I want to have around 5 kids. I've always wanted a big family...and now that I have many people's words that I will love them all the same...I can actually do it. So for a while Malachi and I talked about trying to have another baby this upcoming December. So that when baby # 2 was born Roman would be about 2 years old. A good age difference I think. My sister and I were two years apart and growing up we were the best of friends. So I befriended this idea. Became very comfortable with it...I thought it was set in stone. wasn't. Nothing is written in stone. Ever. I've learned this about everything in life. Malachi and I have had SO many plans about our future and so far none of them have come to pass. I'm learning to just let go and trust God in all this. But we are having to postpone having another baby. Which at first I was really upset about but now I'm ok. Having a 3-4 age difference between babies isn't so bad. And it will make having a second one easier since by the time baby # 2 comes around Roman will be old enough to help and stuff. So I have now come to peace with this plan...but who knows how long this one will last! Oh well. But it just means I have a few more years of it just being Roman and me and I really can't complain about that!

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