Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our first picnic

Since the weather has become warmer I've been wanting to be outside more. R and I have been cooped up all winter long and we are ready for some fresh air. I've been telling Malachi that we need to find a park so we can find our cool hang out spot for the summer. So Saturday we decided to find one and see if we liked it. On Saturday morning Malachi gets on Google and finds a park about ten minutes away from our house, so after R's afternoon nap we pack up some lunch and go on our way. As we pull up to the park we are shocked at how perfect it is. It has a huge open space to go walking, picnicking, or playing in and it has a playground and a dog park all in the same area. It is also placed right next to the water. Beautiful. So we go find the perfect spot and lay out our blanket and have our little picnic. I didn't pack any food for R but he did get to try out his sippy cup for the first time. Very exciting stuff. After our picnic is started to get chilly so we walked around for a little while longer and then went home. But once it really starts to get warm and stays warm, little R and I will be hanging out at the park often.
Here are some pictures from our little picnic adventure!

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