Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Food, Glorious Food

Well today R 'officially' started solids!
We are using the Baby Led Weaning approach. It is really great and for us, the perfect way to start solid foods. Instead of feeding R through a spoon, we just give him the food in its original form to explore with and taste. At this point he really isn't eating because he doesn't know how to use his mouth muscles to chew and swallow, so right now he just sucks and bites on the food and spits it back out. I think this is great. It helps him to love so many different foods so he won't be picky. Plus he is in control. We won't be dictating when he is full or hungry. I will provide him with a few different foods to choose from but he ultimately decides what he wants to eat. I believe this will help him to develop good eating habits. You should google it to learn more about Baby Led Weaning.
Today Malachi and I had chicken and dumplings so we gave R carrots, celery, and some chicken to try. He LOVED it. I can tell he is going to be a good food lover!
Here are some pictures of our baby tasting some new foods!

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