Sunday, September 19, 2010

Really starting to settle here

In Pensacola I mean. We have lived here for almost a year and I like it now. I feel like I have a good group of friends and I have now found some mommy friends with babies the same age as Roman. Which I think is important. I want Roman to grow up around other kids and have friends. I want him to be able to socialize starting at a young age. He is really at a age now where he enjoys other kids....of any age. We could be walking around a store and he is quiet till he sees another baby or kid and he will start bouncing up and down wanting them to come and play with him. I love seeing how excited he gets. He has lots of little friends in the daycare at the gym we go to. Malachi and I are such little creepers....there is a tv showing the daycare in the gym and we will just stand there watching Roman play with the other kids. It is so cute!
But yea...Pensacola is pretty nice. It is not where I want to live forever but we have made this place home. We have a great church with a wonderful church family, Malachi has a good job, Roman and I have made some good friends, and there is plenty to do here (but anywhere has more stuff to do than Niceville!) So we have about three more years here and then we are off to where ever Malachi gets into dental school!

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